Thursday, September 11, 2014

This faux fur skirt is like another one I made, but different.

A while ago, I bought some really awesome faux fur at one of my local discount fabric stores and listed a skirt made out of it on Etsy. I've had a significant interest in this skirt, but can't seem to find more of the fabric anywhere! I've been trying to find a replacement the past month or two without much luck. You can find the previous post about this skirt here.

For my new skirt, I wanted to use a fur that had the same two color effect as this one. The following is the closest I could find. It's more "flecked with pink" than "pink tipped with white."

I also made this fishnet top (and can't get more of the fabric... this is what I get for shopping at discount stores!). Check out this post for details.

This fur is a lot thicker than the previous one and not as soft on the inside, though it's still super twirly and fluffy.

It can be worn at the natural waist or down lower on the hips. I used spandex and elastic for the waistband because the fur was too thick for a matching waistband like on the old skirt.

If you've been looking at my posts in order you might have noticed I recently changed my hair. I think this is one of the best out of all the times I've dyed it. I love it!

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