Hi there and thanks for visiting!
I started this blog as an easy and organized way to share and keep track of all my sewing projects. I wanted somewhere I could ramble on about anything I'm working on - odd problems I run into, neat details, cool fabric...
I sew costumes (for cosplay, Halloween, or just for fun) and day-to-day clothing, although most of that too is a little on the quirky side. I like retro and lolita (the Japanese street fashion) inspired pieces, but make lots of other things as well. I've also done costume construction for theatre, and designed them for a stage production of "The Weir" at my old university.
I'm mostly self taught with the help of the internet, my mom, and a wonderful college professor. I know there are times I don't do things the "correct" way, but hey, as long as it works.

PS. I have an Etsy shop. It would be awesome if you checked it out:

Ambrodust Clothing and Accessories