Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"It's like something nordic warrior women would wear"

A couple weeks ago, I ran into a pretty awesome outfit photo on tumblr. Of course I didn't save it or anything... I wasn't particularly amazed by it, it just stuck in my head for a while. The girl in the photo had a pink furry circle skirt that didn't seem to have directionality to the fur (it was short enough to not be obvious.) I thought about the fur I had laying around and it's mostly too long for this effect. Oh well. Like I said, I wasn't completely convinced I needed this skirt.

And then I went to the fabric store because my boyfriend needed a Halloween costume (he's going to be a slutty beetle, heracross style, hopefully more on that some other day). They had the silky soft fur I used for this animal hat in a couple other colors, including pink. Sweet! I'm running out of storage space for fabric at this point... but eh...

I actually got this project done pretty quickly. Often my fabric will sit for a while, but here's the skirt! Done!

It's a simple circle skirt with an elastic waistband. I considered making it just out of fur since it's pretty stretchy on it's own, but without the elastic, the weight of the skirt stretched out the waist and would pull the whole thing down.

I added some horsehair braid on the hem to make the waves stand out more. The skirt in the tumblr photo had very pronounced waves, but I think that fur was less slinky/silky. Like my last skirt, I also had to trim this hem while it was hanging on the dress form because of the bias areas. I'm still getting used to doing this. With most of the other circle skirts I've made, the fabrics were sturdy enough to not cause noticeable problems.

Perhaps this isn't the most practical skirt (I'm just waiting to spill something on it...), and everything in my room is covered in fur bits (maybe this is it's natural state?), but my lap is so soft!

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