Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tops that are both really hard and really easy

Fishnet is a strange material because it requires you to sew empty space. Sewing machines tend to be confused by this. You can't pin it. It's also very forgiving because of how stretchy it is, and it doesn't fray.

I made several of these fishnet crop tops. This pink and yellow netting is super awesome. It makes me think of cells.

The tops can either be on the shoulder or off the shoulder. This last one is sleeveless because my machine kept eating the fabric and the sleeves became too narrow.

I sewed the seams once with a zigzag, then again to keep them flat on the inside.

These are super quick to make (as evident from how many I've done) even though the fabric is a bit of a bitch to work with.

You can get your own here, in my Etsy shop.

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