Thursday, September 11, 2014

I keep telling myself I won't make another hat...

... and then I make another hat. They're always so fiddly and full of finger hurt.

I actually used a pattern for this one. It's McCall's M6664. They seem to make this a winter hat, but I turned it into a sun hat by using a lighter fabric (plain kona cotton).

I should also mention, I made this blouse a couple years ago. There's a post about it here (the first project post on this blog OoOOooOo).

I think the pleat in the brim of this hat is a nice detail, and not something I could have easily figured out myself. On the down side, there's millinery wire in the edge that I'm not a big fan of. Without it, it was too floppy and I couldn't see... but with it, the brim buckles unattractively in places.

The whole hat is interfaced with heavy hair canvas. This isn't quite enough support for the brim on it's own. Next time, I would use a heavier interfacing in the brim and skip the wire edge.

I lined the hat in this light cotton fabric with hearts on it. I also used it for the "band" on the front, which I did a bit differently than the pattern instructed. I liked the way it sat with the gathering better than straight across. 

The pattern only has a line of topstitching along the edge of the brim. I like the way sun hats have stitching on the whole thing, so I did that instead. 

If I were to use this pattern again, I would either use a light interfacing on the crown or none at all. It made the seams very bulky and there doesn't seem to be much reason for it since the hat fits snugly on the head. (Now I want to make another hat like this with the adjustments I've considered... dang.)

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