Saturday, September 27, 2014

I could go for a taco right about now.

A couple months ago, some of my friends came to me and asked if I would make them into a taco for Halloween. Well, that's an opportunity that's hard to pass up! (They get super bonus points for asking far enough in advance). I think this is a super cute couple's costume. Sam here is playing our taco shell/tortilla, and Eloise is the lovely bunch of fillings.

For the shell, I cut a large circle of 1/2" upholstery foam (technically two half circles I had to sew together because I couldn't get a piece large enough) and made a cover for it out of fabric that has sort of a speckled yellow/orange pattern. I added loops for the shoulders, hands, and legs so it doesn't flap around behind him. In retrospect, it could have been a bit bigger. I was too concerned with making it hard to move around and sit. Sam found a perfect yellow shirt to go with it, and I can only assume he already had these gold pants.

For the dress, Eloise gave me a simple black dress that fit her well to use as a base. I sewed fleece shapes over that to simulate the layers of fillings that would go in the taco. A bit more on that later.

I got really excited to make this little hat for some reason. It's a small foam base covered with brown fleece (for meat) with other fillings sewn over that. The whole thing is sewn to a headband. 

Like with any taco, I had to have some piles of fillings. I spent an evening just cutting different shapes for the things Sam and Eloise requested. Some brown clouds for meat, yellow strips for cheese, rectangles for tomato, big strips for lettuce, and some squiggly thing for sour cream. For the tomato I actually cut large half circles and then cut those into rectangles so some of them would have rounded edges like on an actual tomato.

While sewing everything to the dress I tried to stretch it a little so it would still fit. It's very cozy and warm with all that fleece. I picked fleece so I wouldn't have to finish the edges on all those pieces and they had some dimension.

 I only tacked each piece in a couple spots. I would pin on a section, tack it down, and move on to the next. The inside looks kind of interesting with all those colored dashes.

Tortilla man: The hero our world truly needs.

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