Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Spring, and things are in bloom(ers)

It's that time of year when I wear more skirts and less tights, so bloomers come in handy for windy days. They have that retro cute thing going on too. I made these two pairs as examples of ones I plan to sell, not to wear myself, but I already have a couple.

The first is a smaller, less poofy style:

Isn't this fabric cute? It has little animals on hearts.

The other pair is larger and more full:

(thanks to one of my friends for modeling)

I used a basic shorts pattern to get the curve for the crotch correct, and altered the rest. The waist has two rows of elastic, and the legs have one each. They're quite comfortable if you ask me.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bubble skirts are the newest addition to my list of favorite projects

I've quite enjoyed making bubble skirts lately, though that streak of "nothing turning out the way I want" hit here as well.

I was making a skirt for myself, but, well, it turned out too big. I guess I can chalk that up to trying new waistbands. Last bubble skirt, I tried wide elastic on it's own, this time I used spandex without any elastic at all. One of my friends was nice enough to model it for me since it fits her pretty well.

I really like this fabric, it's a lovely color and texture - a synthetic chiffon with some more opaque stripes woven in.

 The color is more accurate in this photo

The inside of these skirts is starting to grow on me... I guess it's just a narrow skirt with a ruffle on the bottom, that's a bit "overstuffed" since there's so much extra fabric on the other layer.

I'll be selling this skirt at some point, since it doesn't fit me, and it's made pretty well.