Thursday, September 18, 2014

I wonder if people will notice there's naked ladies on my skirt.

I think it's kind of funny to cover a naked lady with clothing that has naked ladies on it. I couldn't help myself when I saw this fabric. I love the colors and the pattern, which just looks like some generic Hawaiian design at first glance... but then you realize these ladies aren't wearing any clothes.

I'm rarely able to justify spending more than a couple dollars per yard for fabric for myself, especially because I have some great discount stores around. With this one being around $10 a yard, I only went for one. I wish I had a lot of it. This severely limited what I could make.

I usually go for full skirts, but since I had so little fabric to work with, I picked a narrow, high waisted pattern. It's the bottom portion of Simplicity 3673. The pattern is out of print now, but I highly recommend it.

You'll notice the skirt isn't all that narrow at the bottom. The fabric doesn't have any stretch at all, so it's very much a "straight skirt" and not a "wiggle skirt." I'd love for it to be more wiggly, but I knew that wouldn't work with this fabric.

I put the zipper in normally, with topstitching. I could have done an invisible zipper, but I'm okay with this style and had a normal zipper on hand.

Because I was working with such a limited amount of fabric, I couldn't cut the back slit extension as one piece with the skirt body. I added some scraps instead and got this little lady peeking out from the slit as a result.

The inside of this is kind of embarrassing. When I make things for other people, I spend a lot of time making sure I do everything right. I don't really do that when making stuff for myself because I'm rarely using "tried and true" patterns and am eager to see a finished product. You'll notice above I made the facing too tight and had to put some vents on the side seams. I could have just remade the facing but it was already top-stitched on when I noticed. If you look closely you'll also notice the darts all go the same way instead of symmetrically towards the zipper. This annoys me quite a bit but again, I wasn't ripping out that top stitching to fix it. Oh well. These are problems that aren't visible at all from the outside so I'm letting them go.

I also made this blouse a couple years ago. If you haven't seen it yet, there's a little more info in a past post.

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