Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Where did you find grape patterned corduroy?"

High-waisted shorts seem to be pretty controversial. I've seen a number of strong opinions against them, but also ones saying they're super hot. I'm on the "these are hot" side of things, as long as you wear them in the proper size. Squeezing into anything that's way too small for you is unflattering and I'm not sure why so many ladies insist on doing it. This is only slightly relevant.

I got this pretty corduroy with bows and flowers on it a couple weeks ago and decided to make some shorts. I wish it was softer, but it works.

I wanted these to be a bit longer and not super tight because I can just buy short tight shorts that don't fit at all everywhere.  I also added cuffs.

The problem with this shorts pattern that I made up from Simplicity 2367 (which looks to be out of print now) is that it was not possible to adjust the size once they were put together enough to try on properly. I had them fitting pretty well before adding the fly and waistband, but then they somehow became too big again. My usual solution is to put elastic in things, and that's exactly what I did here.

Looking at the inside, you can see I didn't really think the pockets through at first. I made the linings way too short and had to add the black fabric to extend them. This taught me that ripping seams in this corduroy is horrible. 

As cute as this corduroy is, one thing about it drove me pretty crazy.

Ahhh! This shedding from the cut edges was obnoxious! I kept thinking there was ants or other tiny bugs all over my room.

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