Monday, March 26, 2012

Who doesn't love polka dots?

I mean really, they're awesome. These are two of my projects from last year: a blouse and skirt. I haven't gotten a chance to wear either piece out yet, which leaves me a little disappointed, but there will come a time for them.
I found these awesome fabrics at a discount fabric store for just $1.99 a yard. I wish I'd gotten more! The yellow is a sateen finish, and flows beautifully, although it tends to stretch like mad on the bias so the hem never hangs even. Ah, well, I'll still wear it.
I used this tutorial for the circle skirt:
and heavily altered New Look 6599 for the blouse. I changed all the darts to princess seams, did plain sleeve ruffles instead of cuffs, got rid of the yoke, made it close all the way up, and drafted the new collar.
The entire blouse is french seamed, including the armholes... this seemed like it would never work, but it did. I think it had to do with how light weight the fabric is.
I'm wearing a camisole since the blouse is sheer, and organza petticoats I also made a while ago.


  1. Hi Gosia!
    I came here throught So Sew Easy and I must say that I am wondered!!! So beautiful things you make!!!
    This outfit is stunning! I LOVE it so much! Can you make a Tutorial of the Blouse? It is so appropriate for offices' work!!!
    I would like so much to do it! Thanks!
    kisses from Portugal!

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I think the blouse is a little too complicated for a tutorial. If you have made patterns before though you can start with any blouse pattern with puff sleeves (or look for a tutorial to make regular sleeves into gathered sleeves) and alter it. The biggest change is the collar. I did something like this: Instead of making the ends round in the front, I made them straight and added some long pieces of material for the bow. I hope that gets you started at least. Glad you like it!