Wednesday, October 22, 2014

iPad Quiver 2.0

This is really like the 8th version of the "iPad Quiver" because it took a lot of figuring out last time I made one. Somehow even with the previous one to use as an example, I still had a hell of a time getting this to go together the way I wanted it to. I think maybe I have it now... At least I hope so.

What is an iPad Quiver you ask? It's a pocket that hangs off your belt, lined in a soft suede-like material and large enough to hold a tablet (originally the iPad Mini, as shown in the post linked above). The idea comes from my friend Kelly, who uses his iPad as a phone and therefore needs to carry it around all the time.

He's gotten stopped several times by people interested in knowing where he bought his iPad case, so I decided to make up a version for the Etsy store. I used black twill for the outside and something like micro-suede in gray for the lining.

I didn't have an iPad mini on hand so the above picture shows a Nexus 7. It's slightly smaller, but not so much so that this case doesn't work. I'm planning to use one just as an extra pocket for my wallet/keys/whatever when I don't want to carry a purse.

On the original, I had three belt loops. I don't think this is really necessary so I did two instead and made them out of a stronger webbing.

I had some trouble putting the regular snaps on the previous case, so this time I went with magnetic snaps. They were a lot easier to put in and are easier to open/close. Unfortunately I didn't really think ahead when putting the case together and they got very scratched up by the feed dogs on my machine. I'll have to find some way to cover them up while sewing the bag together to keep that from happening the next time I make one of these.

The case below is the one I made right before the one that's actually successful. I somehow cut the flap way too short. I also tried using smaller magnetic snaps, just to see which ones I liked better. Both sizes work well, I think.

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