Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yes, this is another circle skirt.

One of the stores I go to regularly has a large selection of this shiny spandex that I keep using. I've posted 5 projects with this fabric already, and can tell you there's at least one other I didn't get pictures of. (For the curious: these skirts, this fitted dress, and these two circle skirt dresses.)

Recently, they had this variant of it that has dots cut out. I know I make a ton of circle skirts, but I really wanted to make something I would definitely wear with this awesome fabric. I had some trouble deciding what color to line it with, and eventually went with this bright yellow/green.

I really like how this pattern of dotted lines gets distorted around the circle skirt. It shifts nicely when moving around.

I didn't line the waistband, just doubled the fabric.

The outer layer doesn't have a hem finish at all, but the green is a regular woven lining so I had to finish it somehow. I ended up just serging it with black and hot pink. (Speaking of pink, I also made these leggings a while ago.)

Since the lining doesn't stretch, I cut it slightly big in the waist and stretched the waistband while sewing it on. Once the waistband was done, it gathered the lining to the correct size.

There you go, another circle skirt done! I'm sure I'll have even more of these in the future.

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