Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It seems like I'm on a bit of a spandex kick

One of my friends recently asked me to make her a little party dress out of this cool, shiny black and silver spandex. I was kind of worried about how it was coming out while working on it because my machine was not doing well with the stickiness of the fabric, but I'm pretty happy with the way it looks when it's worn.

I didn't use a pattern for this. Instead, I traced a top and dress my friend owned for the bodice, and made some layers of circle skirts for the bottom. At first it was only going to have one black and one silver layer, but it came out a bit short so we added one more black layer.

These stripes on the sides gave me the most trouble. They stretched out a lot when I was sewing them to the black layer. This fabric irons well enough though (for something that looks like it would melt instantly) and I got them to lay a little better with strategic ironing. Pretty much everything is zig-zag stitched to preserve the stretch of the fabric, including these applique stripes.

The fabric is relatively heavy and has a lot of bounce to it. This makes the skirt move really well when dancing; I was pleasantly surprised how nice the different layers looked.

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