Saturday, August 23, 2014

How are my calves too big for everything?

Every once in a while, I'll find a pair of skinny jeans or pants that I really like and convince myself that they'll totally fit. They pretty much never do because of my calves. I guess no one expects my size waist/hips to actually have thighs and calf muscles.

I received the leggings pattern from So Sew Easy as one of my prizes for winning their "Make it Yours Contest" with my fox clutch. Okay. They're leggings. I've made leggings before, and they fit well enough. I used a self drafted pattern that had 4 pieces, so I wanted to try out this one because it's only 2 (one per leg). It looks like it fits very well for only having two pieces, and it's so much less work.

I also wanted to start using my serger more. It's been sitting in a box for years because I don't really have the space for it or the patience to thread it. But what the hell, I'm going to try using it when appropriate. My sewing table is only big enough for one machine so I literally switch between having the regular machine or serger on the table and the other unusable on the floor. It's kind of annoying, but doable.

This pattern seemed like a great choice for getting the serger working. It's simple, stretchy, and quick to put together. I also had some appropriate fabric conveniently on hand. I bought it because I liked the color and it was so very cheap, but had no plans for what to do with it.

I chose the size and cut out the pattern according to the instruction (woah, what? who am I?), thinking mostly that "hey, this fabric is super stretchy. It'll fit even if my calves are bigger than usual." Ahem. I should know better.

I made one pair of these, tried them on, and well... Good thing I have a friend who is about my size. I had wanted to make her some leggings as a gift anyways so I finished these up. She says they fit, phew.

I made a second pair, adding about an inch to the calves. They're still a little too snug in places but not uncomfortable.

I used the serger for all the seams and the bottom hems, though I had to get the other machine for the waistband.

You might notice I didn't use serger thread of all one color. For those who don't know, sergers use 4 spools of thread (or 3 depending on the stitch). I don't really have enough spools in a single color so I decided to do multicolored stitching. I actually really like it. I'll probably do this a lot.

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