Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Remember how I was looking for newsprint fabric?

I mean, you probably don't, and I still haven't found any... but! I did get a bunch of these t-shirts recently that have classic books printed on them!

I need to think of other projects to do with them since I have so many, but my first though was to make a dress with some of that shiny, leather-looking spandex as a skirt. I copied the bodice shape from the dress I always use for knit fabric sleeveless pieces, as seen here. The skirt is just a regular circle skirt, which isn't even hemmed because this spandex is awesome and doesn't fray or run.

I quite like how it looks with this wide belt. The skirt is a little heavy for the t-shirt knit top, so it keeps it up a bit better.

Here is what this looks like with a small petticoat:

The back of the shirts has a corresponding print. I had to take my bra off for this photo because it causes some obvious bunching in the back. This is a bit unfortunate because I need it in the front to keep the bodice from being see-through. I also cut my hair somewhere in between taking all these photos.

I made binding out of the spandex for the top, along with a bow (Whaaat? Yea I actually made a bow in a timely manner). There's some twisting in the binding but it's not as obvious when the dress is worn as it is when it's laying flat or hanging.

I don't think I even really want newsprint fabric anymore. After working with this, I realize I don't want more black and white. Perhaps I will switch my sights to comic strip fabric so I can use some more color.

PS. This is available in my Etsy shop

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