Thursday, December 4, 2014

Starry starry skirt ~

As you might recall, I posted about a ruffled star print chiffon skirt a little while ago here and also on Reddit. One of the commenters there mentioned using a sparkly fabric under the chiffon for a different effect. I've done something similar with other clothes, and I had the same fabric in some other colors, so I figured I'd try it out! For the lining, I used the same holographic print fabric as in this top from earlier in the year.

The chiffon is fairly opaque so the light has to catch the skirt just right to get the cool shimmer effect.

The lining is a simple circle skirt.

I finished the edges with a serged rolled hem and used an elastic waistband.

The skirt is three tiers sewn to each other, instead of separate ruffles like the last one. I used one width of fabric for the top, then two, then four for the last tier, so each layer is gathered to half it's size.

I still have one more color of this fabric left. So far I'm pretty happy with what I've done with it. Any ideas for one more project?

PS. This is what happens when serging chiffon. It is a huge mess!

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