Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fabrics so bright, they're glowing!

A long time ago, I bought some of this neon vinyl planning to make skirts, but it turned out to be too thick. I did incorporate it into a skirt once, so you can see that here. I made pretty much everything in these photos, but while searching for links to other posts, I couldn't find one for the skirt and fluffies. This was going to be about the shrugs and utility belt, but hey, let's toss the skirt and fluffies in too! For the one-shoulder top, check out this post.

Let's start with the shrugs. These were somewhat inspired by the top from this video for Go Kindergarten by The Lonely Island. I used Butterick B6151, which calls this pattern a vest for some reason. Since there's little leeway fitting vinyl once it's cut or sewn, I made a quick mock-up in a regular fabric. I wanted a more geometric look so I changed the shape of the front, and also closed the shoulder dart. I liked the look of the bottom of the back sticking out, so I left that.

As you can see, the shrug looks pretty identical on the outside and inside. All the edges are covered in bias binding to keep the stiff vinyl from cutting in while worn.

The only seams were on the shoulder, so I covered them with bias binding on both sides to strengthen and hide the connection. This photo also shows just how much this vinyl glows in the light. It's really pretty!

You may have noticed by now I made one in green and another in orange.

These photos also show the skirt and fluffies pretty well. The skirt has pockets and a spandex waistband. It's all made from a long minky fur, which is super soft. Let's take a look at the utility belt next:

I based this on my last utility belt, but changed up the pockets a bit. The one with an elastic top is large enough to hold a water bottle. The belt is great when I'm just walking around, but honestly it's not that great for dancing. When there's anything heavy in the pockets it bounces enough to hurt.

I used denim as the lining for strength. The outer fabric is a remnant I bought before I even knew how to sew because I loved the color. I put off making anything out of it because I don't have enough of it to allow for mistakes. The belt and pockets close with velcro.

To close, here's a shot of the back of (almost) everything:

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