Thursday, October 30, 2014

There's always ghosts touching you

I found this super cute ghost fabric the last time I went to the $1.99 Fabric store, which is soon to be $2.99.

Nooooooooo ~

I mean, that's still good.

The fabric is very soft and sheer, so I decided on one of my usual designs - a bubble skirt. Once I had the skirt, I thought I should have a matching top... and (what a surprise) I made one.

Look at those cute little ghosts! The skirt has a spandex waistband that I attached like a normal waistband but with a small zig-zag, then top-stitched with a zig-zag to preserve stretch.

Because of how sheer this outer fabric is, I bound the seam at the bottom with bias binding. Otherwise, the raw edges would have been visible inside the skirt.

I used orange polyester for the lining.

The top is all spandex and so bright it's practically glowing in the photos (so difficult to photograph!). I used a pattern I drafted before and have used many times. It's funny, I didn't really pay attention to how many one shoulder crop tops I have until someone I often run into at parties pointed it out.

I chose orange and white so this top wasn't just a "Halloween shirt." You can see in this photo of the inside that all the seams are serged. I serged the white edging on as well (just some spandex strips) right sides together, then top-stitched them with a zig-zag on the regular machine. The top-stitching keeps the edges from folding under.

My boyfriend and I are going to a Halloween themed party together, so I thought it would be cute to make him a matching top as well. I used the same pattern I made up for this previous top. Both of us will be pairing these with black accessories (pants for him) to make them more Halloween-y.

I tried to fix the gaping in the neckline that was happening in the previous top. Since Mike wasn't around while I sewed, this came out a bit high on the neck. I also should have altered the shoulder seam angle after changing the neckline, which slipped my mind completely. These are relatively easy fixes that I will get to after the party, of course.

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