Thursday, July 17, 2014

Videogames? Videogames.

The past couple years there has been a Mario (the game) themed event in my area. I made the skirt I wore last time out of red pvc, but it's kind of annoying to wear so I wanted to do something different. I don't wear red much lately because of my hair color, but I did want to use this shirt because it's the only one I have that fits the theme. The colors in the shirt were limited, and I didn't want to buy new fabric for a one-time outfit, so... well... red pvc. I've reached the end of it, which is why there's some white added in.

It's a simple circle skirt, unhemmed, with a spandex waistband zigzagged on to preserve stretch. As usual, there's also some elastic in the waist for a little extra support. Sewing the waistband on was pretty horrible because I didn't need to stretch the spandex much. Since it wasn't stretched yet, it kept stretching out of shape and pulling/bunching while I was sewing it. In the future, I think I'll cut spandex waistbands smaller (which I usually do) so I have to stretch it to fit the rest of the skirt and prevent the bunching. I could have re-done this, but... It'll be dark at the event. It's fine.

I don't know why I didn't mention this shirt last time I posted it, so I will now. I bought a little kids' shirt and cut off the collar and arm binding because those were much too tight. I thought I would have to do more work than that but without the bindings it fit fine.

Laid out, the skirt looks kind of like a pokeball (woo, multipurpose). You can see how the panels are placed here. This was the best arrangement to maximize use of what I had of the red without having a ton of panels. In the end, I really like how it came out with the white.

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