Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The PVC skirt from hell

Lately I hit a patch of poor sewing. Nothing was coming out quite as I wanted, but I'm trying to not let it deter me.

This skirt proved to be most difficult, with every problem more frustrating than the last.

Problem 1. sticky PVC and no tissue paper to layer it with while sewing (I was at my boyfriend's house). It took me a few minutes to figure out but the solution was pretty simple - cheap toilet paper! It keeps the PVC from sticking just as tissue paper would. Though it's a bit harder to peel away, you can rub the seams with a wet paper towel or regular towel and it dissolves away.

2. Ruffling PVC is not fun. Like problem 1, it sticks together when you try to slide it on the gathering threads... plus you can't pin haphazardly since the pins leave permanent holes.

3. Putting elastic into a PVC waistband is finger torture. I thought this would be fine, just toss an elastic waistband on there and I don't have to worry about zippers or buttons or anything like that (which sounds terrible to do in PVC). Nope. Wrong. I spent an hour or two trying to put in different types of elastic. I thought my fingers would break. Eventually I settled on a drawstring, which makes the waist look bulky, but I admit defeat on this one.

It sits a bit better with something over the waist. It's not terrible otherwise, just not quite what I wanted.

The one good thing? The pockets. This skirt has two velcro side pockets that are pretty close to invisible. At least those didn't cause any trouble.

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