Thursday, July 31, 2014

"It's for when you want to look like you're wearing a sweater without being hot"

Pretty much.

I bought this fabric a couple months ago because it's so amazingly soft and light. I didn't know what I would use it for, but then I won some patterns from So Sew Easy. One of the patterns I picked is for the Slouchy Sweater. I really liked the shape at the side and how it flows into the sleeves. It looked flattering and comfortable.

You can see the seams are a little wavy. I did french seams on the top because this fabric runs like crazy. It pretty much falls apart when you cut it because of the loose knit and silkiness of the fiber. The downside is that the seams are bulky this way.

The back neckline came out particularly wobbly (much worse than this photo), so I cut it away and re-did it. As you can see though, this made the sides of it a bit wonky. I didn't cut away the entire neckline (unpicking isn't an option on this fabric) and wish I had.

The other problem I had was that the sweater was too wide at the hips. A lot of this is from how stretchy and mobile the fabric is, but I'm also probably less hippy than the pattern. I couldn't unpick the seams and cutting them off would have made the sweater too small, so I added these triangle tucks. It was the quickest fix and looks kind of intentional.

You can see how the french seams made the hems bulky and wavy on the sleeve here.

Other than the difficult fabric this top was a nice quick project that is (as I expected) super comfortable to wear.

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