Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How many ears is too many?

My friend wanted one of these hats/hoods with the attached hanging pockets and I made him one a while back, but I kept forgetting to post about it. He likes weird things and isn't afraid of looking ridiculous, so he came up with a design that had two sets of ears, and eyebrows. Originally he also wanted teeth on the hands (not claws, definitely unacceptable) but I convinced him that would be very difficult to pull off without it looking like claws. I wouldn't have come up with this hat, and it's pretty awesome. Take a look:

We went shopping once (both wearing our ridiculous fur hats) and had a man walking by exclaim, "Jesus Christ, Halloween was over a month ago." I'm pretty sure he was just jealous because his head wasn't as toasty warm as ours and he didn't look nearly as amazing.

The hat is fully lined in red fleece, has pockets on the ends, fleece eyebrows, and two sets of ears - one smaller than the other. The ears could have been further back and more spaced out, but after I had sewn them on once I wasn't really willing to do it again. Sewing through that much fur is hard on the fingers. The pattern is my usual over-sized hat pattern, also used here, here, and here.

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