Sunday, December 16, 2012

Maybe I like it when people pet me.

What did you do this weekend? I spent my Saturday night struggling to align animal ears and get fur out of my mouth. Sewing faux fur is both frustrating and easy... it gets everywhere, but it's very forgiving since mistakes are easily hidden by it.

It caught me off guard the first time someone wanted to pet me when I wore the outfit that matches this first hat (see below), but now I find it pretty entertaining to see people's reactions.

The ears still aren't perfect, but after redoing them multiple times I've accepted my fate. I think they're pretty close to being in the same spot, but one has become floppy from all the handling and re-stitching, so it looks lower (the photo makes this look even worse because this head tilts to one side). I don't know, I'm trying to convince myself the floppy ear is charming. Also, the short fur lining sticks out more than I expected at the edges, probably because it's stretchier than the outside fur. It's not really a problem. I had a very limited amount of fur to work with since it's just leftovers from the outfit I made a while ago, but I think it still worked out okay.

This other hat I made a while ago is more symmetrical and a little larger because I had enough fur to work with. There's no issues with it, I love the thing.

For both hats, I used this tutorial/pattern, trimming and changing some of the curves slightly until I was satisfied. There isn't much of a difference visually, but the changes make the hats fit my head a little better.

I made both of these hats to match outfit pieces I made within the past couple years. The first one includes a skirt with buttoned pockets (you can kind of see one in the photo), leg coverings (aka fluffies), plus a tail and wristcuffs (not pictured, sorry). The second set is fluffies and wristcuffs (again, sorry no photo of the cuffs).

I also made the no-sew tutu in the last photo. I own way too many tutus; it's becoming a problem (they take up so much space!)

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