Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I probably did nothing properly but here it is! The jacket is done!

First of all,  here are all the progress posts and a link to the original pattern for the Galliano Pirate Jacket. I pretty much abandoned any instructions and a lot of pattern pieces while making this, mostly because if I tried to take it too seriously I knew I would have never finished. Winging it has resulted in a finished jacket with a ton of imperfections, but hopefully no one will notice because they'll be too confused by the whole thing anyways.

As you can see, I went with straps and D-rings for closures. Like I considered in my last post, I also took apart the square end on the bottom, recut it, and added binding to make it match the rest of the jacket.

Here you can see the bottom of the back fits me pretty well, unlike when it sticks out on my dressform. 

The original jacket suggests two ways of closing it (with snaps in two different orientations). I wasn't really paying attention to this part when making it, but stumbled upon it while taking the photos, so here are the two ways mine closes - either matching up both side straps (all above photos) or attaching the bottom strap to the top set of D-rings and letting the extra straps hang (two photos below).

It fits my dressform a lot differently than my body, but it's easier to see where the straps all go, so here's that:

Finally, for my/your amusement, here's what it looks like flat... some sort of strange unrecognizable creature.

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