Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turns out frosted pink vinyl and dry erase markers don't mix. Who knew?

When I bought all that fabric a couple weeks ago, I also picked up some translucent pink vinyl. Today, some of that vinyl became a skirt. I've seen these skirts online before and liked them, though never really considered making one until I found the colored vinyl.

It was a pretty quick project overall. I drew two doughnut shapes with a center hole the size of my hips, one a little narrower than the other (on paper then traced onto the vinyl), cut them out, edged with bias binding, and added a jersey waistband so it's stretchy without needing elastic. The hardest part was sewing the waistband on since the vinyl didn't really want to move though my machine smoothly and kept getting in the way (it doesn't exactly smoosh and fold out of the way like fabric would).


Now, about those dry erase markers... it seemed like a good idea to use one since it should stay well enough for me to work with it, but come off easily when used on plastic/glass/similar things. That didn't quite work out. I tried multiple cleaners/liquids to get the marker off my vinyl and everything just smudged it (thus making the marker even more visible). Enter the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. There was still a little bit of smudged marker left in the end, but it was faint enough that it doesn't show through the white waistband or binding.

For some reason I liked seeing this skirt laid out flat, so to close, here's an in-progress shot of that for you as well:


  1. Can I ask where you found the pink vinyl?

    1. It was at a discount fabric store in my area. Unfortunately that's the only place I've seen it, and their stock isn't constant (once something is gone, it's gone). Sorry that's not much help... maybe try ebay?

  2. Hi! Can you sew a skirt for me like the one you have? i will pay well,regards anita.