Friday, May 25, 2012

Candy-colored heart-covered skirt and Victorian project news

A couple weeks ago I started this circle skirt and stopped working on it when I got to the hem, but last night I took a break from work for a few minutes and got it finished! The hem, waistband, and lapped zipper are all top stitched in pink to make it easier for myself (much less hand sewing) and add some detail at the same time. I wore it out today to run errands and got some photos while I was at it. I had made the top a while ago as well; it's sort of a fancy t-shirt.

I stopped by work dressed like this and my supervisor did a double take. It looks a whole lot different than a black shirt and jeans! Oh and the hair... that too.

I used to hate lapped zippers. The first one I ever put in took like 4 hours - It was ridiculous. (I blame the zipper foot on the machine I was using and a too-small seam allowance.) Our relationship has gotten better since I found Gertie's tutorial. There's also a skirt hook on the waistband to keep it closed, and thread belt loops, which you can kind of make out on the above photo if you look closely. Unfortunately I made the waist a bit too big so it's a little awkward and bunchy under the belt (not really visible, I just know it's not as good as it could have been).

Moving on to the second topic of this post: I've put the Victorian project on hold for the time being. The party I was wearing it to got canceled due to how busy everyone involved has been, and it's getting way too hot to wear it anyways. I might as well use my time for some summer projects then get back to this in the fall (Halloween perhaps?).

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