Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Can you make me some post-apocalyptic clothing?"

My boyfriend asked me if I could buy or make him some new clothes. I pointed out how this will result in him wearing strange clothing I want to see him in, but okay!

I was going to use this interesting double layered cut up fabric for a dress, but it's a bit sheer. One day I got the idea to make a shirt for him. Sweet, I get a use for the fabric and he gets something vaguely post-apocalyptic.

This is only the third thing I've made on my serger after not having used it for a couple years, so it's not perfect (it didn't help that the fabric was inherently difficult to work with). The biggest problem is that the back of the neckline got a bit stretched out. It's not too bad, but enough to bother me.

It's kind of interesting that the inside of this looks like flowers and leaves because of how the outside layer is tacked onto the fabric. It's such a contrast to the outside.

Like I mentioned in my previous post about using this machine, I like having different colored threads in the stitching instead of four spools of all one color. In this case, I used one golden brown and the rest black to match the fabric.

I didn't use a pattern. Instead, I traced around a t-shirt onto the fabric, basted it on a regular machine, had him try it on and made adjustments. Once I had the fit right I serged everything so I didn't have to worry about him stretching the shirt and busting any seams. I finished all the hems with the serger too for a rougher look.

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