Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I wanted to make a dress the other day...

... so I made a skirt. Woops. This always happens. When I feel too intimidated for a serious project I just make a skirt. I have a pile of skirts that I haven't even worn out yet, and it keeps growing because of this.

Anyways, I've had this cupcake fabric for a while and haven't wanted to cut into it because it's super cute and I only have a limited quantity. I don't think I could buy it again if I wanted to (like I said, I got it maybe a year ago, and it was at a discount store). Well, maybe, if I was willing to spend a lot more than I originally paid.

I have made another cupcake skirt before (seen here), so this might be a little redundant, but I knew it was the most fool-proof use of the fabric (meaning, I probably wouldn't mess this up and cry). A dress would have been super cute, but my track record with bodices isn't the best and that's discouraging. Yes, yes, I would make a mockup, I always do, but there's still always some weird problem that pops up.

I didn't really use a pattern for this, but it is based on a skirt I own (store-bought). This original skirt is a bit short for wearing without tights/leggings so the biggest change I made to my version is the length. It also has a clever (read:cheap) solution to making multiple layers of ruffles. There's one layer with a short ruffle sewn to the hem, and one layer with curved edges over that one to give an illusion of having three layers. This saves fabric and is a bit easier than doing three separate ruffles.

Here's the original skirt:

and mine:

I didn't have an elastic as wide as the original one so I did two channels of a narrower elastic instead.
If you look at the inside you can see what I mean about the layers:

Worn without and with a small petticoat:

Everything worked pretty much as I expected, but there is something weird that happened with this project. I made the bow first. Usually I finish stuff and then it sits forever yearning for bows... not this time! Currently it's on a pin back. I may sew it on (ahaha, right) because that would make it more stable and less floppy but eh... Here it is in all it's glory!

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