Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I like cupcakes. It's not obvious at all.

I made this a couple months ago, but we all know how good I am at posting things in a timely manner (I'm getting better...)

Apparently, I was making a cupcake skirt while watching a tv show about cupcakes... I didn't even notice until my boyfriend came in and pointed it out. Alright, so maybe I like cupcakes.

This skirt is two layers with lace on the hems. It has my usual two-rows-of-elastic waistband, and is super full. The bottom layer is like 140 inches around.

 The back isn't significantly interesting (it looks the same as the front) but hey, have a close-up!

Here you can see how the bottom layer attaches.

I had originally bought this fabric intending to make a dress. It didn't happen for a couple years though, so I decided it just wasn't going to happen, and made the default, a skirt. I would probably like a cupcake dress better, but I just wasn't willing to deal with making a bodice. I still can't do it efficiently, without redoing things a dozen times. Patterns just don't fit me at all, and I don't have a perfect self drafted pattern either. Even though I have patterns I've adjusted and made garments from, none of them are quite right yet. Good enough for people not to notice, but not good enough to use repeatedly as perfectly fitting patterns.

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