Saturday, August 17, 2013

There I was, artery clamp in hand, holding fabric over a candle flame.

 This is a weird thing.

I used this video tutorial to make some fabric flowers to match a dress I bought recently. The process is, um, a little sketchy looking. I didn't have tweezers like in the video, so I improvised. Why do I have artery clamps but not long tweezers?

I also sewed my flowers instead of gluing them, though I did use hot glue to attach them to a headband and some clips. The headband is to match my dress, which is cream, gray, and green checkered/plaid/I'm not sure. There's pearls in all the centers just in case, but they're not all that visible most of the time. Here's how the flowers ended up:

PS. New wig! Always a fun time. This is the only one I have that is human hair. It creeps me out a little bit, but eh...

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