Friday, August 23, 2013

I have some kind of aversion to making bows...

...which is weird because I like bows a lot. It's quite a problem. Things sit unfinished because I don't feel like making any bows.

One of these things was the polka dot dress I started back in March 2012. Yea... a long time ago. I finished it a couple months after that, then it sat around in a pile on the floor because it needed bows. Cue sudden desire to finish things. I made those bows dammit!

I did do more work on the pattern as well since the original post, but honestly, it was so long ago I don't remember everything. You can see from the photos that I took in the center back at the waist, and also the sides at the bottom to give it a more wiggly silhouette.

Aw yes, look at those bows! They're all on pin-backs.

 I took this opportunity to play around with some hats, if you haven't noticed.

Here's the inside back, and outside front without bows. 

 I wish I'd made the swoop in the back hem higher up. Live and learn.

Bonus: Need your lawn aerated for free? Host a "high heels only" party. My thighs still hurt from re-distributing my weight during the photos to avoid sinking into the ground.


  1. Hi Gosia!
    UAU this looks are great for a formal occasion: marriage, etc...
    I especially like the black hat! :D
    kisses from Portugal!

    1. It would be great for that! Thank you : )

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