Monday, March 26, 2012

Satyr costume

Since I'm already in a Halloween mood after the last post, here's another costume. This was for Halloween last year. I've seen lots of these costumes in the past and really wanted to make one of my own after that. I wasn't actually planning on doing it last year, but my boyfriend at the time helped convince me. Once I was done, I was glad I went through with it even though it was a lot of work. It's also a bit of a storage nightmare.
I used several tutorials scattered around the web as guidelines - sorry, I don't have all the links now. The necklace is the only piece I did not make or alter in any way.
Fun fact: I got a lot more compliments than I expected on my butt and tail while wearing this.

For the legs, I started out with a pair of leggings then carved upholstery foam with a knife/scissors and hand sewed it to the leggings, covering the foam with fabric afterwards (more hand sewing). Next, I wrapped a leg in tape so I could cut the tape off and use it as a pattern for the fur (I found this method here though I cut it a bit differently).

The horns are sewn pleather, stuffed with fiberfill, wrapped with thread, and wired to a headband.

I wanted the top to look like it was made with rough tools, something I would have made while out in the forest. It has velcro as a closure on the side, hidden under twine ties (visible in the first image of this post). The hooves are also foam covered with pleather and hot-glued to the shoes.
Not so fun fact: my nephew (2 at the time) was pretty scared of me : /

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