Monday, March 26, 2012

The Lady Gaga Wedding Dress

Here's one of my favorite projects from 2010. It's proven to be quite versatile. I originally made it for a Craftster challenge that had us use a bed sheet to make something. I wanted a gown inspired by Lady Gaga, but since I was using white, it turned into pretty much a wedding dress... made out of a bed sheet. Someone sang the wedding march as I walked by to take photos outside. People have also mentioned it reminds them of the Labyrinth, but that's a great movie so I don't mind the comparison at all. I've also worn it in a fairy godmother costume and as a dead bride/theatre ghost at school.
The main pattern was Simplicity 3673 with some changes - clearly the sleeves, which were a pattern I enlarged from a textbook. I just winged it on the collar, which ties in the back with some ribbon.
I like doing weird makeup too, so to add a little more Lady Gaga inspiration, I used CD pieces as face decoration. (Pictures after the jump - click on any photo to enlarge)

I had progress photos of this at some point, hmm... I'll just link to my Craftster post for anyone interested since they're there, with some more construction details and other photos.

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