Monday, March 26, 2012

The Victorian Project - in progress

I've always admired Victorian clothing and enjoy seeing people still make such things. Back in 2010, I decided I would make my own Victorian gown. To help motivate me, I turned the project into an independent study for college. Well, I graduated school and the outfit is still in way more pieces than it should be...
When finished, it should look something like this. The outfit is based on images from the 1870s and 80s, so it's not totally accurate for any specific year, but I doubt too many people now will pick out the anachronistic details.

I've gotten some things done, like the petticoat, and the underskirt only needs to be hemmed. It has cartridge pleats along the back and a pocket hidden along the closure. I had also mocked-up all of the bodice during class, and had it mostly cut out from the final fabric. I picked it back up to work on it again last week because my college professor, Susan, set my classmate and I a deadline of May 19th for a garden party (yes, even though we've graduated. My classmate, Erica, in case you're wondering is working on a retro tux inspired dress).
This is all made without purchased patterns. Well, okay, the skirt uses a pattern I enlarged from a book, and so do the sleeves, but other than that, we learned to work from slopers during class and how to alter those for anything. I am so glad I got to learn that. It's become quite useful.

I found it a bit entertaining that this skirt could cover most of my open floor space. That's about 6 by 8 feet of space in the photo.
Oh mock-up, if only the real fabric worked this well.

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