Thursday, February 19, 2015

I will underestimate the size of my legs forever...

...but at least I can finally make this top consistently!

A few months ago, I made a wearable mock-up of a full body suit/ catsuit. It worked out fairly well so I ordered fabric for the final version. With that, I got a yard of this awesome galaxy print poly/spandex to play with.

I wanted to make some tights using the new fabric and the bodysuit pattern, since the legs on it fit very well. (Can you tell where this is going yet?) The fabric is a lot stretchier than the previous one, so I foolishly took out a bit of length while cutting out the tights. Bad idea. The legs ended up much too short, and I had to chop the feet off to make them at all wearable. At least they still work as leggings!

Once I chopped the feet off the tights, they pulled up much higher on my legs. I added bands at the bottom to lengthen them a bit.

With the remainder of the fabric, I decided to make a quick crop top. It's the same pattern as the one I used for these fishnet and minky tops.

The whole thing is simply serged. I love how quick this pattern is to put together, and how comfy the resulting top is.

I was still left with some scraps of fabric and the feet I cut off the tights. Just for fun, I decided to make them into socks. I added a band to the top of each foot piece to make them long enough to stay up.

I also recently threw together some slippers vaguely using this tutorial. Well, I wanted to completely use it, but after trying twice to get the slippers to fit with an outer non-stretch layer, I gave up and only used the lining. The sole has a piece of wet-look spandex for traction. I could have probably found something better in my stash, but I have many small pieces of it around that need a use. The top edge of the slippers is bound with some fold over elastic.

When I first put these slippers on in front of my boyfriend, he quickly pointed out they are made of the same fabric as his mop (same color too). At least I didn't make pants out of it!

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