Friday, February 20, 2015

"I am the darkness of space"

I mean, not really, these projects are pretty bright and colorful. It's just something I say sometimes...

Anyways, I finally got around to making those space suits!

The fabric for the first suit is an interesting space/floral print nylon/spandex. It is significantly more stretchy than the fabric I used for my test suit so I didn't add extra length to the torso like I needed to do on that one. In case you haven't had a chance to read the original post, the pattern for these suits is something I traced off an existing store-bought suit.

Sometime between making the test suit and these, I bought an invisible zipper foot. Strange that I didn't already have one, I know, but I never had too much trouble using a regular zipper foot for invisible zippers so I just didn't bother. It did make putting zippers into this super stretchy fabric a bit easier though. 

Notice anything odd?

The torso is bunchy! It's too long! I was surprised considering the test suit was too short. This resulted in the zipper being a bit wavy when I sit, and the crotch being much too low. It bothers me enough that I might go back and raise the crotch, but it's such a pain to seam rip this fabric.

There is an invisible zipper down the front and a second at the crotch. The foot has a dart at the heel for shaping.

The collar is a little too loose, but at least the top stitching came out great.

The entire suit is serged together, except the zippers and collar.

Here's a closeup of the back of the crotch. There is no center back seam, so it looks a bit like the zipper is inserted into a dart. You can also see the crotch gusset here. If I do try to raise the crotch, I plan to take out the crotch zipper and gusset, cut the legs higher into the body, and put them back in.

The second suit is also a nylon/spandex fabric, but thinner and even stretchier than the one above. I made the torso shorter by about two inches, but the crotch is still a bit low. It's not nearly as bad as the other one, though you can also see some looseness in the back here.


I payed a lot of attention to how the fabric prints on these suits line up with my body parts to avoid some awkwardness, but completely blanked on matching up the side seams. It's really obvious on this suit, more so than the floral one.

This is the best zipper I have ever put into anything. I used a strip of the fabric to bind the collar on this suit instead of the longer collars on the others. It looks much neater.

I'm quite happy with how well matched the seams on this crotch gusset came out.

For those wondering what the heck one does with suits like this, I'm planning to wear them to some ridiculous parties. I'll have to keep a count of how many "your _____ is out of this world" comments I get. 

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