Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"They're like shorts, with a skirt over them." "You mean a skort?"

Oh, yea, I guess I do.

I saw these photos a few weeks ago and felt inspired to make some wide leg shorts. I toyed with the idea for a while without doing anything, but then got an email from with this free pattern for "tap pants." How convenient!

I made mine out of a stretchy knit fabric for comfort. While I was at the fabric store, I decided to do a chiffon overlay (because they had knit and chiffon fabric with the same prints). I wish the chiffon was a little more translucent, but it's not a big deal.

I did a wide elastic waistband because the fabric wasn't quite stretchy enough on it's own.

Probably the most significant part of this project is that I finally convinced myself to do a chiffon hem the proper way. Usually I don't care and just do a narrow machine hem because it seems like too much effort to do the super narrow rolled hem, but this seemed like a good time to learn. I used this tutorial (the "by machine without a rolled hem foot" part). It's so easy! I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not doing this earlier. Though, I assume it's harder on curved edges or with super long hems like on circle skirts. I do have a rolled hem foot for my machine, but it's always a lot of hassle to get working right. This gave a very neat result.

You can't really tell these are shorts just looking at them, but the point is that they don't fly up in the wind like a skirt would. Sweet.

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