Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sometimes I reconstruct things.

Reconstructing isn't my favorite because I can't control every aspect of what I'm making, but at the same time, there's some benefit of not having to get a ton of details to work. I'm pretty unmotivated when it comes to adding fiddly details to things (bows for example).

I picked up these pants that were a bit too tight and a bit too short, but had so many of those details I would rather not sew.

I intended to just have some pants to wear because I don't have a lot of pants, but with the fit issues... well... hey, I made a skirt.

It came out pretty well, though there's some bulging by the zipper in the front. There isn't much I could do about that without taking the zipper out, which makes it not worth the effort. I wore this skirt the other day and already ripped it getting into a car! What a good time! It split on the center front seam. Clearly, I didn't make the vents large enough. I'll have to re-do the front (I don't really want the back to be more open).

The second skirt I recently reconstructed started out as a mid-calf high-waist skirt. The fabric is pretty cool - it has the printed pattern and then another pattern woven in making designs that are shinier than the background. It also has lacing in the front, shirring in the back, and a button-on back bow.

I'm not a fan of the mid-calf length, so I sewed elastic on all the seams, both lining and outside layer to make this:

It doesn't hang perfectly even since gathering with elastics is much less predictable than gathering with thread. It's more to my liking though. (The pink layer is just my newest petticoat).

Also, it's getting super cold outside. As you can see, this means I'm way less willing to stand around in the yard and take photos.

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