Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dogs are okay sometimes

I mean... corgis are super cute. Oh man, with their tiny legs, but big everything else, so cute! This has nothing to do with corgis though. I made a poodle skirt. My supervisor at work gave me some poodle appliques a couple months ago because she never used them like she planned, and for some reason I suddenly got an urge to make a poodle skirt?

I don't really know why.

Here it is though!

It's the usual circle skirt with double elastic waist (my posts are pretty boring aren't they? I pretty much make the same things over and over again... hmm). The fabric seems like a wool blend herringbone though I can't be sure since I got it cheap a long time ago. I used bias binding on the hem (ran out halfway though and had to go buy more, woops.)

This petticoat I recently got is only one layer, but there's so much fabric in the bottom tier that it fills the skirt up like so. Super frilly!

Now I'm thinking about corgis, and kind of want a corgi skirt. I bet corgi appliques exist too...

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