Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Digimon anyone?

Digimon was one of those shows I watched every week when I was younger (along with Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Yugioh...) I don't really remember much about it, but I know I'm not alone. So, when I saw these curtains at a thrift store, I thought, "Hey, that would make a pretty nice skirt." Everyone needs some childhood nostalgia in their wardrobe!

I will be putting this skirt up for sale in my shop once I take some measurements.

It's a pretty straightforward gathered skirt with two rows of elastic in the waistband. The fabric is a bit sheer, which is kind of annoying, but it's also slightly stiff, so the skirt doesn't need any support to make it poof.

I made a matching bow, which was some sort of strange thing because normally I am very good at not making bows unless I absolutely have to.

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