Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jeans are boring, I'd rather wear a skirt.

At work we're allowed to wear denim, black, or khaki pants or skirts. I really dislike jeans (so uncomfortable!), but that's what I usually end up in because they have pockets and are easy to throw on. A couple weeks ago I set out to make black skirts for work with large enough pockets. Success! I can both follow the dress code, and still wear a style I feel comfortable in. The fabric is from a sheet that has these cool embossed polka-dots. It's a bit too rough/stiff - it clings to my tights and tends to ride up unless I wear a slip, though the stiffness also helps give the skirts some body.

The first one is a simple 3/4 circle skirt with an elastic waist and, of course, side pockets. (shown with a light petticoat).

The second skirt is a 3/4 circle wrap with a yoke waistband, belt loops, and again, pockets. At first I completely forgot about the pockets and didn't have side seams, but fortunately I realized my mistake before attaching the waistband. The whole point of making these skirts was to have some with pockets!

Here's a closeup of the waistband - The sheet had a striped border at one end so I used that for the waist to give it some contrast. The buttons are vintage mother of pearl.

This is what the whole skirt looks like laid out flat. 

Finally, a couple worn photos. (There's no petticoat under the first one this time.)

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