Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Those look like 70s sex party pants"

One of my friends came up with this great name for my pants while I was making them. Seems appropriate.

A couple weeks ago I saw a girl on the train wearing a simple maxi skirt in a cool pattern. When I first spotted her I thought she was wearing loose flowing pants, and thought they were awesome. Even though she wasn't wearing pants, I decided to make some. I used soft knit fabric, so these are super comfortable.

I started out with this tutorial. I've used it before, years ago when I first started sewing, but this time when I followed it the crotch ended up far too low. When I brought it up, of course the pants ended up too short. I didn't have much extra fabric, but managed to cut some bands to add to the bottom. It's really my own fault for not accounting for my added band on the top (and small butt).

I did the waistband a bit differently. Instead of folding over the top of the pants' fabric, I added a wide band on one half of the pants, and a narrow one on the other (so it is more easily hidden under the wrapping).

Gotta show some leg at those 70s sex parties.

Here's that bottom band. as you can see, I didn't have enough fabric to finish the edges properly, like I had on the non-lengthened edges. These pants are just for me though so I'm not too concerned.

I then made another pair, being much more careful about length. I had even less of this fabric to work with (I got both of them as remnants).

Since I had so little fabric I really didn't expect to match the stripes on these, but hey, it worked out!

These pants all look humorously gigantic when not wrapped. They also take way more fabric than you think because of this.

I zig-zagged the "waistbands" on so they would keep their stretch. It worked pretty well, though I do have some skipped stitches here and there.

If you need some super comfy lounge pants I definitely recommend these. They take less than 2 hours to make. Super easy and wearable.


  1. WOW! I had a pair of these in the early 80's & LOVED them! Now that I sew I need a pair made w/ a knit fabric. Yours are AWESOME! I like the band on the bottom of the orange-ish pair. Looks like they were supposed to be made that way. It adds something a bit different from the norm. Just like YOU! I sure do enjoy your style!

  2. I love them too. They're super comfortable and convenient! Thank you so much for all the lovely comments!