Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fire flowers

Sorry I've been bad at posting regularly... it's cold so I can't go outside to take good photos, and I haven't been sewing much of anything interesting.

I did make some of these singed satin flowers that I first made last year (posted here). They're kind of fun, but can be a bit tedious.

I'm putting most of them up on Etsy as rings and hair clips. The original ones I made were hair clips, so the ring style is new here.

For the fabric, I used cheap-o satin (for better burning obviously), organza, and tulle. The centers are either glass or freshwater pearls. A couple are "miracle beads," which are these cool double layered beads that have a super shiny iridescence. I'm not sure what else to say about them...

On a related but different note, I also made these springy beaded hair clips. Thank my friend Bria for the monster button - It definitely finished this off nicely.

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