Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some unicorns may have been harmed in the making of this project.

Some suggested listening:

There isn't too much to say about this project as it's something I've made a couple times before. Here is a similar project I previously posted.

I'm doing a post anyways because I really like this fur. It's so soft, and so colorful, and blacklight reactive. It feels like I'm wearing unicorn pelts. I made fluffies/ leg warmers/ what have you out of it a couple months ago, then this week got myself together and made the matching skirt.

The bands on all the pieces are white spandex. I add elastic or drawstring anyways when I do bands like this because the bands tend not to say up perfectly on their own while dancing. Nothing really stays in place when I dance... which is to say I dance really hard. Less energetic clothes wearers probably wouldn't have this problem as the spandex is pretty stretchy on it's own and can stand up as elastic.

This is what the inside looks like. It's really just a super short slightly a-line shape, with a sewn on waistband. The fur can be difficult to sew, but the pattern itself definitely isn't. You can see I also added pockets, because girls' party clothes desperately lack and need them. I don't know where to put my stuff in any of my store-bought going-out skirts. These pockets close with velcro. I originally made the skirt a little too long and had to shorten it after putting everything together, so I hope the pockets don't stick out when loaded up. I did tack them in place, so that will hopefully help avoid the problem.

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