Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What's red and blue on the border?

This dress!
Okay, so I'm not good at jokes. I'll make this post quick because it's not super interesting. This dress is my usual style, but I wanted one that's easier to wear - can be styled up or down and doesn't require a lot of ironing. The fabric I used also has some stretch, which makes this even more versatile.

I've sewn several dresses almost exactly like this... and every time I run into the same problems because patterns just don't fit me right. I keep trying different bodice patterns to see if I can find one that will fit me well. Still no success, even though I've tried with self drafted slopers too. I don't remember what one I used this time, but it was too wide across the back (as expected because I know my back is narrow) and also gaped in the chest. My solution was shirring (again, as usual) and (something different) a bit of elastic in the front to create a sweetheart neckline. The one problem I couldn't really fix is that waist is a bit too high because I was low on fabric. The amount of black between the border prints was barely enough to cut a bodice, and I didn't want to try matching another black fabric to this one. The dress also has a side zipper.

I've probably mentioned this before but I love border fabrics. They automatically make a skirt or dress more interesting. Mmmm look at this hand done hem. Delicious.

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