Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dot Dot Dot...

It's been established that I like polka dots. I also really like rayon. This is what happens when the two meet.

I'm not usually a fan of the 40's inspired style. It's just not fluffy enough! But sometimes, I don't want to deal with all those petticoats and underpinnings. This dress has bias cut side panels, bust gathers, and lightly puffed sleeves. It's quite comfortable to wear, though makes me look bigger than I am from some angles, unfortunately.

I followed the pattern (New Look 6093) pretty closely on this one, the only changes being some extra gathering across the bust because it was too big and a shorter hemline. When I first hemmed the dress, I went over to the mirror and one side was a good inch longer than the other. Ah, how did I miss that before I hemmed it? It took a couple tries trimming to get it to be close to the same length all the way around.

Those elastics in the center are what I did to take care of the bust being too big. It helps quite a bit, though isn't perfect. Ideally I would have made the bust panels more gathered to begin with.

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