Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A post of many holes

Sewing fishnet is pretty much sewing a bunch of holes together. It catches on machine parts, stretches like crazy, and don't even think of trying to pin it. It's not the worst thing to sew though, don't get me wrong... I just like pointing out problems with the materials I use.

I never planned on making fishnet shirts, but these fabrics caught my eye at the store and I thought they would look cool made into some tops.

This is the first one I made - it's one shoulder, with a 3/4 sleeve. I used the top I'm wearing under it in this photo as a pattern. (More on the hat here.)


The next one was supposed to be a lot different, but my original idea didn't work so I re-cut it. For the curious, the original idea was to cut it as one piece with only one seam along each sleeve and without a shoulder or armhole seam since the fabric is so formfitting. (Okay, apparently it's not formfitting enough.) I'm not sure how to describe it really... kind of a tube with a neck and torso hole. Anyways, it worked out after I switched to using a normal shirt shape.

I tried making another one of these except in the first fabric for my boyfriend, but it didn't work at all... so I gave him this one instead. The conversation went something like this:
"This isn't working, I don't know how to fix it... try the one I made for myself"
(he tries it on) "I like this; I'm glad you already made exactly the thing I wanted!"
"Well okay, keep this one, I give up."
That just means I needed to make another one for myself. Like so:

I decided to make it full length because I think I'll get more use from it this way. We ended up wearing the matching tops to the same event the other night, without planning... and also both matched them with neon green bottoms. How overly cute.

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