Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time for a quick and easy project

A couple days ago I got stuck on the projects I have in progress. The Victorian costume gets tedious pretty quickly, and I need some trim for the polka dot mermaid dress before I can continue working on it.
Over the past week or so, my mind kept going back to a skirt I remembered my sister-in-law wearing. It's tiered with an embroidered border print and good proportions. I called up my sister-in-law and asked to borrow her skirt, which took a bit of explaining because I couldn't remember what color it was - for some reason I thought black/gray gingham, woops. Anyways, I'm not sure where she got it but here's that pretty skirt:

I already had the perfect fabric in my stash waiting for just the right project, a pin-dot cotton with border embroidery. Border designs on fabric are awesome by the way. I wish there was more of them available.
Here I've already cut up my fabric:

The bottom tier is longer at 7.5" plus one seam allowance, while the other two are 5.5" each plus seams. As far as I know, to figure out the width of each tier on this type of skirt you multiply the one above it by 1.5. I measured all the tiers on the skirt I borrowed as well as I could since I liked those proportions, and they weren't quite 1.5X. I went ahead and used the unusual numbers: waistband 36" (stretched), then around 48", 63", and 82". That last tier is a little less than the original because of how much continuous border I had. These measurements will work for a waist between 25" and 30" with hips under 36", in case you'd like to make one. For this size, you could do it with 1.5 yards of fabric with border on both edges. The other things I changed from the original skirt were the waistband and lining. I don't have (and don't really like wearing) elastic as wide as the one in the original so I switched it for two rows of 3/8" elastic. I also added a lining (none in the original) because my fabric is pretty sheer. The lining (seen below) is cut like an A-line skirt to avoid adding more bulk at the waist.

It turned out to be a nice and easy skirt I got done in a couple hours, that's pretty and comfortable enough to just throw on when I need to run out somewhere. Exactly the kind of project I needed!

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