Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Victorian project - update 2

I went shopping last week to find trim for the polka dot mermaid dress but was unsuccessful. That shopping trip didn't go very well overall - I got some bias tape for the Victorian costume, but nothing else from my list. ugh. So, I'm still stuck on the dress.
On the plus side, I made some progress on the Victorian costume last week. Except, well, the cuffs are done but sticking out oddly. I thought it was just a matter of pressing them but that didn't help. I'm not really willing to re-do them... maybe I will though. You can kind of see what I mean in these photos if you look closely.
Please excuse the super tired-looking face... it's been a long couple weeks.

I've also re-cut the bottom edge, finished it with bias binding, and tacked the back sections to each other properly (where the white thread was in my last post). The back sections are overlapping a lot - I might need to add a bit of a bustle. It would shift the period slightly but should still work.

I'm finally starting on the high-collared insert section of the bodice. It's partially cut out and put together (above). It's kind of an odd shape isn't it? I cut it in the general shape I thought then tried it on a couple times, cutting parts away until I got this. I didn't want to add any more bulk to the bodice than necessary.

Hopefully another shopping trip will work out better and I'll have more materials soon (especially twill tape for a waist stay, and buttons) so I can finish the bodice and move on to the skirts. I did drive over to the hardware store this past Saturday to pick up some heavy duty zip ties to use as boning. They're about as far from period correct as I could get, but cheaper than metal boning and stronger than the typical plastic kind.

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