Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just a quick post for a quick project.

I've been hiding all winter but it's finally nice enough out to take some photos. This means I'll have a lot of new stuff to talk about in the next couple weeks!

I also haven't been sewing much because I've been sick, so I wanted to do a small satisfying project to get back into the grove. My watch band was completely destroyed and I've been meaning to make a few replacements. (Okay, the whole watch is pretty destroyed, but I really like it! I tried to get a new one, but there's always something that bothers me about the ones I've tried).

I re-used the D-rings from my old bands, but didn't have enough, so I tried one with velcro. It's not as strong as the D-rings but should be fine unless I'm being really active.

There's no interfacing in these, but I folded the fabric so it was 4 layers for a little extra stiffness. I didn't make a tube and flip it right side out. Instead, I folded the rectangle and top-stitched all the way around.

Here's what one looks like on my tiny wrist. If you remember, this fabric matches the kitty dress I posted about last year.

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